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Essay about political instability in nepal

essay about political instability in nepal

Nepal is miserably low. Image Source:. Poverty is a political issue and it can not be solved by technocrats and professional consultants. In May, Prachanda and the Nepali Congress had reached an understanding on overthrowing the government. Community-Centred Poverty Alleviation Approaches: Community groups are formed, they identify their problems and seek viable solutions themselves such as micro credits etc.

The poor should be empowered and bottom-to-up development approaches should be ratified instead of conventional development or anti-poverty approaches. Many countries have suffered from instability as a result of this. A number of political and economic interactions were envisaged and the two countries agreed to respect principle of sovereign equality, territorial integrity, national independence, non-interference etc.

Nepal, on the other hand can hope to benefit from India by imbibing the spirit of democracy and development. Though it is difficult to ascertain the degree of interference, India has huge influence in the internal political affairs of Nepal and China too is increasing its influence among the political parties and other key institutions. Rule of law should be exercised and democratic norms and rules should be promoted. Now there will again be a change in government. Recent Development : There emerged a new twist in Indias relationship with Nepal following the assassination of king Birendra in 2001. According to the World Bank, 15 of Nepals population lived below the.90 a day poverty line in 2010, and the estimation for 2017.8. Nepals insistence on changes in Indo-Nepal Peace and Friendship Treaty of 1950. Implementing the constitution is not the concern of the major parties; what they want is power, in order to bolster their own positions. .

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