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Of mice and men comparison essay

of mice and men comparison essay

do not have someone to look after them or care for them. In a world of loneliness and trouble, these characters, George and Lennie, find comfort within the presence of each other. Steinbeck uses that classic comic routine so that the reader warmly identifies and recognizes the relationship. It is easy to identify with the "smart guy" who helplessly tries to cope with and control his irrational, dumb and, yet, spontaneous, child-like partner as they lurch from one self-inflicted crisis to another. Works Cited and Consulted: Bloom, Harold. In John Steinbecks novella, Of Mice and Men, the author suggests that the friendships between the two sets of individuals have parallel connections. Unfortunately one of Candys so called obituary college essay buddies took the dog out and shot him for the dogs own good.

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Many different types of characters from this novel are reused in todays society. tags: Papers. Slowly, like a terrier who doesn't want to bring a ball to its master, Lennie approached, drew back, approached again. 1058 Words 5 Pages, compare and Contrast Of Mice and Men Movie and Book. Steinbeck's narrator establishes and characterizes George's lording of power and control over Lennie early in the first chapter: George's hand remained outstretched imperiously. We got somebody to talk to that gives a damn about. It also helps in keeping readers thinking on their feet and constantly questioning George and Lennies next move while in Salinas, California. But how many have seen the 1992 film "Of Mice and Men". George looks after him, but it is not easy since Lennie always seems to get himself in some kind of trouble. The men do not realize that the significance of the dogs existence is that Candy has a sense of companionship with the dog. Early in the story the prospect of their ever realizing their dream seems remote, but as the plot unfolds (they meet a crippled bunkhouse worker who wants to go in with them on the scheme, and who offers offer to chip in his life savings. These are the small things that brings the authors thoughts and ideas alive.