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Essay on the song bargain by the who

essay on the song bargain by the who

can be offered a plea bargain by the state as way for the state to get a quick win or conviction, which will save time and money. Importance of Collective Bargaining. Copies of such agreements are, however, sent to appropriate governments and to conciliation officers. It is the most important and significant aspect of labour management relations and extends the democratic principle from the political to the industrial field. Power Relationship: Collective bargaining involves a power relationship. From the Management Point of View: The main objectives of every management are: (a) To earn higher profits at lower cost and (b) To have maximum utilisation of workers. The agreement should be printed and circulated among all the employees so that they know exactly what has been agreed upon between the management and their representatives. The resulting bargain is an understanding as to terms and conditions under which a continuing service is to be performed.

The nature of problem influences the selection of representatives, their number, period of negotiations and period of agreement that is reached ultimately. It provides a solution to the problem of industrial sickness in industry and ensures old age pension benefits and other fringe benefits. According to Dale Yoder, Collective bargaining is the term used to describe a situation in which the essential conditions of employment are determined by a bargaining process undertaken by representatives of a group of workers on the one hand and one or more employers. The agreement can be made on a temporary basis. Be factual rather than emotional. (vi) These representatives should have full authority to speak on behalf of their respective sides as well as to make decisions. Richardson, Collective bargaining takes place when a number of work people enter into a negotiation as a bargaining unit with an employer or group of employers with the object of reaching an agreement on the conditions of the employment of the work people.

(b) Compromise without Combative Aspects: The compromise reached between the two parties is not always the culmination of continuous struggle and antagonistic attitudes. It is always advisable to leave the controversial points for discussions in the end, and leap over to the next issue. It aims to acquire a large measure of economic and political control over crucial decision in the areas of its most immediate interest and to be recognised in other areas of decision making. Both employers and employees devote a great deal of time to the preparations for negotiation.

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