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Pros and cons of legalizing drugs essay

pros and cons of legalizing drugs essay

to both define and reduce the illegal drug trade (Bullington). Legalization of cannabis has been a very controversial issue in the United States for a long time; even more so after several states have already passed the legislation lifting gay marriage and society essay google scholarship the ban. Regardless of the pros there are a number of disadvantages of legalizing cannabis for medical purposes. Alcohol abuse contributes to almost 50 of all traffic accidents, suicides, and homicides. "Smoking marijuana gives teen normal' life." New York Amsterdam. Rating ( 0 score) - 0 votes. It is impossible to eliminate them. Furler, Michelle.,. . Many have supported the use of marijuana for people with cancer having side effects from treatment. These are some of the ways through which the drug can be helpful with people suffering from various illnesses.

It is one of these topics that people just cannot help but have diametrically opposite viewpoints. There has been heated debate by many sides giving there opinion in the issue. Many studies have revealed successful use of cannabis for restricted medical and therapeutic uses. To rationalize legalization of the drug, some will argue that it is only legalized for medical use. Marijuana is not as dangerous as people may want it to seem. There have been 20 million arrests since 1965 for the possession of marijuana, also known as cannabis.

Many advocates say Marijuana is used for hemp making for fabrics and necklaces.(William.) Many advocates say, If marijuana is so bad then why do doctors prescribe it to patients to help cure cancer, aids, headaches, migraines, glaucoma, and many other diseases.(Sandra) Marijuana is used. Cons, regardless of the fact that the possibility of using marijuana for medical purposes is evident, there are ranging concerns regarding their safety, effectiveness, tolerability, production and application. Marijuana has been illegal since 1937, but theres never been a bigger push for legalization. 557 Words 3 Pages, the legalization of marijuana is a very debatable subject, some people think it is bad and should be illegal, and some people think it is good in some ways if used properly.

Most medical professionals are in support of legalization of medical cannabis for the sake of their patients who are in dire need of help. Researchers can continue to isolate the elements that qualify for medical use without necessitating the move to legalize a harmful drug. Sophia Prashad,. The physicians will i go along richard peck essay not supply them to their patients with fear of being arrested. Other drugs can lead to cancer where marijuana is used to cure it, and other drugs can lead to deaths. The current legal perspective of marijuana contradicts allowing research and use of marijuana-related medicine. Length: 1595 words (4.6 double-spaced pages rating: Good Essays, essay Preview. Cannabis and oral THC can also rouse appetite. Other drugs impair you vision, but marijuana does not. Farming has been on the decline in the last few years. Some of the pharmaceutical companies are against legalization of medical marijuana because the move will build up competition and it will not be possible for them to profit from legal distribution. It has been proven that marijuana does not kill brain cells, like most people seem to think it does.

Another disadvantage is because there is proof that marijuana is harmful to the body and brain. They still acquire them illegally risking their freedom and health. Rising arguments have been placed upon the usage of marijuana.

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