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Pushing the heavy gates open the touch of the iron bars, as cold as ice, seized up my hand completely. Cutting through the dense green grass, were..
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In the Foundation Day Programme, nalco will also demonstrate its commitment for promoting cultural excellence of Odisha by giving recognition and Lifetime Achievement award to Shri Prafulla..
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What is your strongest moral philosophy (Highest score on Care, Obedience, or Reason)? Mailgrams study was an attempt to test the Germans are different hypothesis. Interaction with..
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The hegel legend of thesis-antithesis-synthesis

the hegel legend of thesis-antithesis-synthesis

education system and Machiavellian tactics to isolate, weaken and divide people into as many subgroups as possible. Jeffrey Zeldman : But now we dont have to do those things. We have a frame, and if youre shooting through a film camera, you have a frame, so the whole thing about cinematography is figuring out how do I take this camera, with this very tiny frame that only captures a little slice of the, Real. Theres always this hostility between designers and their bosses, designers and the marketing team, designers and developers, and its counterproductive, and I think if you start lo-fi and sketch, This is the idea I have, plus, it would free you to, again, once youve familiarised. Jen Simmons : You didnt go there because you needed toilet paper and you needed it in 15 minutes, and you didnt want to go to the store, you went there because you wanted to discover things. Jeffrey Zeldman : Yeah, exactly. Either like, This is what it looks like narrow, wide, in-between. Which rewards would you like? Like, one set will squish, and then another set will squish, and then another set will squish, and the last set will never squish.

Will it spit out the CSS that addresses that? Grid lets us do that, not just throw extra space at the screen, but to control the white space and proportion the white space out, so maybe you always have this thing thats a quarter of the height, always, or you have this way. They meant in the document flow, you could set something to the left or to the right, you could centre something, you could make it bigger or smaller. Jen Simmons : The reality is just very different now, because now we work on the web, and we have tasks were trying to accomplish, and wasting peoples time is a killer. Karl Marx, and you will find in every archive a number of commentaries and critiques from Marx himself and several Marxist thinkers.

If I spend 16 hours in Photoshop making a comp, and then you go, Nah, Im hurt. I feel like we need a new word for a new era where we can say, Oh, its not that float-based thing where everythings set in widths with using percents. All of that is definitely the same. You know, way back in the day before the web was invented, when everybody was talking about hypertext and hypertext medium, and hypermedia, and HyperCard was a programme some of us were using, and we were trying to understand what digital is, and what does.