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Jon snow essay

jon snow essay

After all, although Dany is true-born, shes no different than her ancestors. But never in the entire history of Westeros has there lived a child of a Stark and a Targaryen. And there was that one time the Starks sat on the Iron Throne, known as the. But more importantly, why does this particular joining of a Targaryen and a Stark create such an important character?

Shireen had a book you might borrow on the subject.) But even though Aegon III Targaryen named. Standard fantasy trope and all that. Thus begins a series of events that would change the fate of Westeros forever. Much like Ned and Robb, Jon is surprised to find responsibilities thrust upon him as he becomes a leader among the new recruits at the Wall. His argument and self-deprecation persuade Ned to spare the direwolf pups, for example.

His skills with a sword earn him promotion, and his wisdom and devotion to others earns him a place as Commander Mormonts successor-in-training. Jon leads without pride and without thought for himself, and he proves a wise and natural leader from the start of the novel. These results indicated that the majority of cholera deaths occurred in the vicinity of the Broad Street water pump. In the North, Eddard Stark is ordered to raise Jon Snow to wed and dishonor the Targaryen princess, by bringing bastard blood into her line, and ending the Dragons forever.