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Research paper on electric cars

research paper on electric cars

faster and for longer. This paper will look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of these electric cars and investigate some of the technology that drives them (Encarta 98). These separate hydrogen ions from electrons during operation. Since the motor does not operate when the vehicle is at a stop, an EV has no idle noises (Frequently). His car could reach speeds up to 14 miles per hour. Electric cars 1998: Microsoft Corporation. The EVs produced by major companies meet all safety requirements. We are now in a time were all the major car manufactures have produced some form of electric car, which are being driven all around the world. More recently, in 1996, General Motors Corporation announced the first modern, mass-produced car designed specifically as an electric car. The driver uses an electronic controller to control the rate at which energy flows from the batteries to the motor. The standard.6L Ford Laser under normal city driving consumes about eight liters of unleaded fuel per one hundred kilometers, this would work out to be about four dollars and eighty cents per one hundred kilometers.

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Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia. When the car reaches a speed of about twenty-five miles per hour the electric motor is switched off and the petrol engine is started and continues to power the car. Also experts are looking at alternative sources for batteries. In order to go backward, the flow of electricity through the motor is reversed, changing the rotation of the motor and causing the power train to make the wheels go in the reverse direction. That means the friction that builds up in the brakes charge up the battery. Electric vehicles are todays zero-emission vehicles (Technology). This battery could yield a fuel cell that is light, compact and inexpensive to produce on a mass basis. Says Gloria Quinn, a spokes-woman for the Edison Electric Institute, which represents investor-owned electric power companies and electric utility holding companies. It could carry up to 12 people and had a 4-horsepower motor. It was manufactured by Philadelphia-based Morris and Salom Company.

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Run on electric and fly, well we might not see cars flying.

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