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Restful architecture

restful architecture

the instructions provided by the server. Note : Some people treat post like a conversational GET on creation requests. The limited number of verbs in restful systems confuses and frustrates people new to the approach. In this case, we can tell from such a section that we can find a user list by making another request for /user: Request, gET /user, accept: application/jsonuserdb, response 200 OK, content-Type: application/jsonuserdb "users "id 1, "name "Emil "country: "Sweden "links "href user/1 "rel "self. It is usually fair to return results directly from this kind of a post since there is no identity associated with the query.

Representational state transfer - Wikipedia Foundations of restful Architecture - DZone - Refcardz Resource-oriented architecture - Wikipedia Fielding Dissertation: chapter 5: Representational State

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This means that issuing a request more than once will have no consequences. Head, the head verb is used to issue a request for a resource without actually retrieving. There are RFCs from the ietf for patching XML and json. What the mortgage broker needs is a more objective argument that would reassure the issuer that the party asking for the mortgage does indeed have enough money for the down payment. Data1234, do not do this! All resources should be accessible through a common approach such as http GET, and similarly modified using consistent approach. GET requests are also intended to be idempotent. Fielding, Roy.; Taylor, Richard. Roy Fielding points out: A rest API should spend almost all of its descriptive effort in defining the media type(s) used for representing resources and driving application state, or in defining extended relation names and/or hypertext-enabled mark-up essay on debate over slavery for existing standard media types. Upon successful processing, the server will return a 201 http response code with a Location header indicating the location of the newly created resource. Because of this partial update potential, post is neither safe nor idempotent.

Code on demand (optional well, this constraint is optional. A request for the base resource / might return something like this: Request, gET accept: application/jsonuserdb, response 200 OK, content-Type: application/jsonuserdb "version "1.0 "links "href user "rel "list "method "GET", "href user "rel "create "method "post". Postcards are easier to handle (by the receiver waste less paper (i.e., consume less bandwidth and have a short content. In the same manner, any transaction that transpires on the web is based on the similar representational logic.