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Ozone depletion essay 100 words

ozone depletion essay 100 words

anything that gets rid of chlorophyll will make the planet less green in more ways than one. Pre-1980 values, to the left of the vertical dashed line, are often used as a benchmark for ozone and UV recover. However, developing states feel that global environmental laws will impinge on their potential for economic growth. The London amendment to the Montreal Protocol was signed in May 1992 and came into effect on 10 August, 1992.

ozone depletion essay 100 words

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Since the life of these molecules is around 100 years, even with the adoption of protocols put forward at Montreal and London which were further refined at Copenhagen to make them acceptable to all countries, the ozone layer is not likely to make.

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ozone depletion essay 100 words

Research published recently in Science suggests that the phytoplanktons are reproducing less profusely than before. Miller,., McFarland,., (1996). Insulating the Environment: Will a New 61-Year-Old Material Solve the CFC Problem? Thomas Stix, a Princeton University physics professor says that lasers tuned to the right frequency can break CFCs apart without affecting other atmospheric gasses. Mortality rate of larvae of zooplanktons will increase. Causes of Ozone Depletion, in 1974, Molina and Rowland suggested that ozone would be destroyed by catalysis of chlorine atoms and the main anthropogenic source if chlorine atoms could be chlorofluoromethanes (Urbach, 1988).

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