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Essay on organic farming and its advantages

essay on organic farming and its advantages

grove infested with scale, he restored the mineral balance to part of the soil and the trees growing in that part became clean while the rest remained diseased. Good Things, Barriers and Environmental Effects. Organic farmers do not have some convenient chemical fix on the shelf for every problem they encounter. Because it fosters the life of the soil organic farming reaps the benefits soil life offers in greatly facilitated plant access to soil nutrients. The Brix score is widely used in testing fruit and vegetables for their quality prior to export. It all starts with you buying food items from known organic sources. With natural methods of farming, it is not only the people who can benefit but the environment could also be saved from further pollution. Because it is soluble, much of this fertilizer is either washed off the soil surface and into waterways (especially phosphates) or leaches through the soil profile beyond the reach of plants and finds its way less directly into waterways (especially nitrates). Loss of soil fertility due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers and lack of crop rotation. Use of poisonous bio-cide sprays to curb pest and weeds. Roundup Ready Canola) or resist pests (e.g.

However, one can offset the higher cost of organics by growing his or her own vege tables. Advantages and Disadvantages of Organic Farming in the Pacific. Organic agriculture combines tradition, innovation and science to benefit the shar.

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Reasons For Organic Farming, the population of the planet is skyrocketing and providing food for the world is becoming extremely difficult. Conventional growers, on the other hand, are free to take advantage of GM crops. Image credit: Sean Patrick Cook Latest posts by Rinkesh ( see all ). Because chemical fertilizer is soluble, plants are forced to imbibe it every time they are thirsty for water. This is why we need organic farming methods that produce disease and pest resistant crops to guarantee a sustainable future.

Do you believe our corporation-serving governments will so decisively lead us through it? He explained that the strip had been nourished using agrichemical fertilizer early in the growing period. According to a report from the Directorate-General for Agriculture of the European Commission, productivity gains attributed to GM crops are usually negligible when growing conditions, farmer experience and soil types are factored in, and are often in fact negative. Organic farming methods must fit the ecological balances and cycles in nature. Pesticide contamination poses a serious, unreasonable public health threat to current and future ground water users. In fact, some past researchers collected and tested vegetables, fruits, and grains from both organic farms and conventional farms.