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First published at, the Unz Review. An invitation to the White House: At home with history. I was seven years old. Mögliche Einflussnahmen auf die Wahl Dem..
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My friends outside of the Media Lab: Jad, Vincent, Gaby, Erin, Brazilnut, the Wine and Cheese club, 24 Magazine., 45 Banks., 1369, Rustica, Annas Taqueria. In our..
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This simultaneous warming of the Indian Ocean helps explain El Nino s effect on areas beyond the Pacific borders (Gold 33). GOV/enso, iAM/2000/0800issue, iAM/1997/1000issue, introduction EL nino/LA..
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Simple essay on atomic energy

simple essay on atomic energy

atomic energy was made by the world through its two bombs which wiped off two Japanese cities during the last World War. The world also depends on atomic energy, Russia being heavily involved withatomic power. Gama rays produced from atomic energy are used for sterilising human bones. (Weiss 19) Three dayslater a bomb fueled with plutonium was dropped on Nagasaki.

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In theUS today there are well over 100 nuclear submarines. But even the fact that the experimentworked, there were two German scientists that had done it a year earlier but with thesecretive government of Germany would not release the information. The day is not far when atomic energy will replace thermal power in industry because the stocks of coal and petroleum are fast running low and cannot keep pace with the development of industry and man will have to depend on some other source. Atomic energy is the advanced way to go in the futuregeneration of the planet. (Keifer 11) Thefirst demonstration of this kind of atomic power was the uranium fission bomb. It is helping the doctors in diagnosing the diseases and in the treatment of the patients. This may notshow up for spans of time. Also, they do not release harmful chemicals into the air. When it comes to climate change, the islands of the Caribbean are particularly under threat. Like, for example, how does it work? Atomic energy can also help in the preservation of foodstuffs for a longer time. Our aeroplanes, our railways, our motor cars in the time to come will use atomic energy.

Atomicpower requires so much less fuel that coal, oil, or natural gas. A nuclear reactor was set up to elaborate atomic energy and for heating and power. Radio Therapy is also now used extensively for the treatment of cancer.

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